Each design is hand drawn, painted and digitally arranged to capture a timeless, individual style, a work of art to effortlessly enhance your wardrobe and make any outfit chic in a flash. 

Through embracing imagination in harmony with the cultural, aesthetic influence of world travels, an artful vision has been realized with luxury textiles as the vehicle to relate the beauty and diversity of the world.

As an artist and designer with a long, successful career in beauty, business, fashion and interior magazines, one thing has always resonated: The desire to give something back to the world that brings comfort, security and accumulates meaning. I want women to feel beautiful. When a woman feels beautiful, she is open to love. And when she is loved, she is understood. When she is understood, she is complete. And with this in mind, I create a scarf, so that she can begin her journey to feeling beautiful inside and out.

Enjoy your journey...

Nataliea VanderHeyden 
Founder & Designer